Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t written in awhile but my school has state testing right now and OMG is it ANNOYING!!!!
Anyway, I wrote this poem on the bus today in the very front seat(I think we all know that’s the worst place) because my anger management French teacher decided to keep us like five minutes late so I got on the bus when all the seats had been taken(ugh!) So, I was trying to look as non-loserish as I could sitting in the front seat of the bus and I was thinking about how people always call me weird(I don’t know why I was thinking about that, Im probably going insane) I mean, its not like they call me weird in a mean, way, its more in a loving way, and people love me because I’m not normal. And then it struck me!(Just so ya know, Im not gonna say what IT is, you’ll find out in the poem) So anyway, being the total literary nerd I am, I decided to write my thoughts in poem format-
There is no such thing as weird.
People say,
That if you are not like everyone else,
You are weird.
No two people
Are the same.
That’s why we have
Every person has something
Unusual about them,
Even if they try to hide it.

If everyone is weird,
The ones that really are dull,
They who have no personality,
They are the weird ones.

It goes round and round
Like this.
On and on,
Like the number pi,
If you call that a number.
The only conclusion to come to
Is that,
There is no such thing as weird.

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