Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seasons Change

It's not spring yet.
It's not spring when the flowers bloom.
It's not spring when the grass grows lush and thick over the hills,
And when green sprouts from barren branches.
Its not spring when the dew of early morning casts a thin veil over the world.
It's not spring yet.

It's not spring until the ice of your frozen heart melts.
It's not spring until you can let new love into your life.
It's not spring until you can rise in the early morning, look out at the blooming flowers, the rolling green grass, the dewdrops on the ground,
and want to live.
Because the seasons don't change
Unless you change them.

Monday, May 23, 2011


A crystal droplet,
A shining tear.
Just one in a million
From all these years.

A crystal droplet,
A fragment of pain.
One bit of purity,
In a heart thats been stained.

A crystal droplet,
A final goodbye.
It falls to the ground,
As she closes her eyes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey y'alls! At school we are having a poem contest on discrimination, and how it's wrong to discriminate. This is the poem I submitted, so cross your fingers and hope for me!


Sitting in the back of the room,

The new kid.
He has his head hung low,
Back hunched,
As if ashamed of his existence.
He should be.

Doesn’t he realize he’s different?
Doesn’t he realize that no one wants him here?
Doesn’t he understand the looks the other kids give him?
Doesn’t he know why he’s never called on?

And so-
I hate him.
I hate his hunched back.
I hate his sorrowful eyes.
I hate his deep brown skin.
Because my friends do.
Because my parents do.
And what I hate most of all
Is that I don’t even know his name.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lunare Riflessioni

Out of curiosity, I went on google translate and translated Lunar Musings into Italian. Reading it out loud, I just thought it sounded beautiful, so I decided to post it.

Si può dire quando si tratta di una luna piena
senza guardare il cielo.
E 'quando tutte le fotografie della vita,
non per lo spavento, ma in segno di riverenza.
E 'quando le maree salgono
per incontrare il cielo luminescenti,
e il potere della luna da solo
porta cielo e terra insieme.

Si può dire quando si tratta di una luna piena,
perché la neve brilla
con l'incandescenza riflesso della notte.
Grandi distese di polvere,
come specchi schiacciato una dea lunare
lasciò cadere dalla sua mano,
semplicemente per poter godere del gelido immagine di se stessa.

E quando si tratta di una luna piena,
si sono liberati dalle grinfie del sonno,
perché da qualche parte in fondo,
tu sai che questo è ciò che la bellezza è davvero,
e che avete bisogno di assaporarlo,
la rara bellezza di una luna piena.


Hey every1! So you know that completely awesome poem that I posted a few days ago? Well surprise surprise-  
It won the environmental fair poem contest! Yay! And furthermore, my prize was a chair made out of skis! Who doesn't love that!?

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