Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Place

The rhythm of the waves beneath your feet.
The soft whisper of the wind through your hair.
The open sea to roam, no road, no street.
The light dancing on the water, the glare.
You trim in your sails and you’re on your way.
The sea, the sky, your whole world is dyed blue.
Trust in the waves, they’ll lead you home someday.
You carry no map, for the wind is true.
The land you knew is a forgotten friend.
Long ago swept to the back of your mind.
It fades into the sky and starts to blend.
You have moved on, for the ocean is kind.
The breeze swirls you in a gusty embrace.
No need to worry, you have found your place.


After being abandoned again and again,
there comes a time when you start to expect it.
You hold people loosely in your heart's grasp,
so as to let them easily slip through your fingers.
But then there are the ones,
that make you want to clench down with all your strength
even though you know you can't.
You never can.
Because however strong your grasp,
they will one day slip away too.
So for these people
you spread your hand out wide,
even though it hurts you inside,
even though all of you is screaming to hold on,
because you know it will only hurt more
when they walk away on their own.

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