Monday, June 30, 2014

A Monologue?

I had this idea awhile back for a short story about a shadow who loved their person. So I wrote it down, and left it for a few months. Last week I discovered it again, and thought, hey, since I like film now I'll write a monologue and do an accompanying video. This is the part I have written down, and I'm still trying to assemble all my blurry shots of treetops and moving water into a cohesive three minutes of film. This is the song that's going to go with it- I think it sort of sets the mood.

*To clarify* This is from the point of view of a shadow, reflecting and then coming back to the present where she is in the coffin with her dead person. (It's strangely creepy and romantic for me). Hopefully it'll be clearer with the video. Anyways, this is my first time writing a monologue or even anything remotely script-ish, so I have a long way to go!

We were going to be together, 


From the time the sun rose in the East to when it set in the West, I would be with you, 
every day, 
every hour, 
every step. 
When night came and you sat in the soft light of the moon, I hid beneath your eyelashes, in the well under your bottom lip, I tucked myself into all the folds of your clothes. I wanted so badly to touch you, to hold you, to stretch myself until I covered every inch of you. But we lived our lives on different planes, and each day the sun tore me from you.
So I followed, and watched you smile with others, laugh with others. I laughed, too, 

but you couldn’t hear me.

As you grew, I grew. Still, the distance between us remained the same. I almost couldn’t bear it when you met her. Her with the soft hands that could touch your cheek, the head she could lay on your chest. Her with the eyes that shone when the light was just so, her with the hair that turned copper in the dying sun. I cried at first. 

You couldn’t hear me.

sometimes you would turn back. 
Look at me,
the way I looked at you.
I was the proof that you existed,
and you were my reason. 
Wasn’t that enough? 
I told myself you loved me, like I loved you. Was that true?

It’s dark down here. I can’t see you anymore. But I’m still with you. Closer…..than I’ve ever been. I can feel you now, and you’re cold. 
You always looked so warm.

I want to stay with you.
 I want to see you again. 
But I’m lost now. It’s so dark, and I’m trying to hold on. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be anymore. 
Can you hear me? 

  I’m whispering to you.

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